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Debt relief under mostly sunny skies

The sun will shine today under mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 70’s. This is the day that Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen had indicated that Congress must pass legislation that would prevent the United States from defaulting on its financial obligations.

A bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives, which did not include Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, passed the debt relief legislation overnight on Thursday and sent it to the Senate. The Senate, again with bipartisan support, swiftly approved the bill and sent it to the desk of the president.

President Joe Biden signed the legislation early on Saturday to avert what economists said would lead to certain financial disaster for millions of Americans, their investments, savings, Social Security payments, health care, and Veterans benefits among others.

MAGA Republicans on the far right and progressive Democrats on the far left both expressed dismay with the legislation and failed to support the bill.

Speaker Keven McCarthy and President Biden negotiated the agreement that seemingly satisfied the desires of millions of Americans who find themselves identifying as political centrists. Biden, in his speech to the nation on Friday evening declared that nobody got everything they wanted in the deal, but that Americans got what they needed.

After dealing with some unseasonable weather lately Americans who live on Delmarva will finally be getting the type of weather that most of us need. Granted there will be some, for whatever reason, who will not be satisfied with the week ahead.

Monday and Tuesday will each be mostly sunny days. Temps should reach about 84 degrees on Monday and about 80 degrees on Tuesday.

There is a coastal flood warning this morning coinciding with the full moon that will affect people on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries in Dorchester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties.

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