Salisbury MD

Under the spell of an Omega High

An Omega High is a type of high-pressure system that is characterized by an atmospheric pattern resembling the Greek letter omega (Ω). This pattern features a ridge of high pressure that is oriented in the shape of an omega, with two troughs of low pressure on either side.

An Omega High typically brings clear and dry weather to the areas under its influence, as the high-pressure system inhibits the formation of clouds and precipitation.

Unfortunately, for Delmarva, we are located within the trough of low pressure to the east of the Omega High. That will bring us cooler than normal temperatures before the Omega High eventually begins to move to the east. It, in effect, is blocking us from better weather.

As a result temperatures today will be in the low 60’s while temps tomorrow may struggle to get out of the 50’s. There could be a stray shower tomorrow morning. A return to normal may not occur until late next weekend.

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