Salisbury MD

May arrives on a cool note

May 1st, also known as May Day or International Workers’ Day, has historical significance in the United States as a day to honor the labor movement and workers’ rights.

The 2023 arrival of May begins with mostly sunny skies and temperatures reaching about 64 degrees before turning a bit cooler over the following two to three days. In fact tomorrow should only reach about 62 degrees under cloudy skies and Wednesday will struggle to get out of the 50’s.

The relatively cool start to May, however, is likely to eventually be supplanted by conditions that will lead to above average temperatures over the course of the month.

Yesterday’s rainfall in Salisbury totaled 3.13 inches, the most we have had in 24 hours in a few years. It brought the monthly rainfall total for April to 7.82 inches, well above normal.

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