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The Babe, the Gipper, and the Wailers

Icons of sports, music, and politics share birthdays on February 6, coinciding with a full moon.

In keeping with the recent fascination with AI (Artificial Intelligence) we asked ChatGPT to write a free verse poem about the matter. Here is what it spit out in about 10 seconds.

On February 6, a full moon shines,
A day that celebrates three greats divine.
Babe Ruth, Bob Marley, Ronald Reagan born,
Legacies that will forever live on.

The Babe, a baseball giant of his time,
With power and grace, he’d knock it out of the line.
Bob Marley, a reggae king, his voice so true,
Spread love and message, of peace and unity too.

Ronald Reagan, a president bold and strong,
With charisma and wit, he righted what was wrong.
Three lives, so different, yet in harmony they sing,
A full moon shines on their shared birthday, a wondrous thing.

And now, on to the weather forecast which cannot be written in 10 seconds. Nor is it poetic.

After some early morning fog burns off partly cloudy skies will persist both today and tomorrow with temperatures reaching about 53 degrees.

Here is the ChatGPT version of today’s forecast in the form of a limerick.

On Monday and Tuesday, it’s quite clear,
The weather will be partly cloudy, my dear.
Temperatures near 53, that’s just right,
Not too hot, not too cold, it’s a delight.
So bring a jacket, and enjoy the breeze,
The partly cloudy skies are all you need!


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