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Garland Lake & Petty Talk

It is difficult to not be aware of the current poltical climate and the continuous talk about classified documents, election deniers, and newly elected officials who duped their constituents into believing that they possessed credentials and qualifications that were false.

Believe it or not, thoughts regarding some of these events have conjured up summer memories many years ago of a popular Caroline County swimming hole called Garland Lake.

Long since unused and dried up, Garland Lake was a popular place for families to while away the hot and humid days of summer, frolicking in the cool waters.

Today’s weather, with sunny skies and temps in the mid 40’s, will not promote swimming in a refreshing local lake. Nor does tomorrow’s 50 degrees. It does, however, give one pause to reflect on the activities of Attorney General Merrick Garland and the election denying activities of Arizona’s Kari Lake.

Garland’s judicial plate is clearly full. He is being lambasted by both sides for appointing special counsel to investigate the activities of both the current and former presidents.

This observer, having been impressed by his historical record of conducting due diligence with integrity, believes that Garland will follow the facts wherever they may lead, and respond accordingly. The fact that he has never lost a case that he has prosecuted indicates how thorough his efforts likely are. He will not yield to outside influence and the expectation is that his final judgement will be the correct one.

Kari Lake, the declared loser in the race for Governor of Arizona, has a history of making a mockery of both the democratic process and anyone who crosses her political path who maintains a different view. She is an election denier and a sychopant of the former president, known for saying whatever will suit her current purpose. This is what Lake said about her favorite ally just 6 years ago. Doesn’t sound very loyal!

During both her recent election campaign and the subsequent public rallies to promote the denial of the election results Lake used the iconic hit “Won’t Back Down” without the permission of the late Tom Petty’s estate. Petty’s estate had to take legal action to force her to stop.

Lake did back down! Nobody, unfortunately, is ever going back down to Garland Lake.


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