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Yes, many of us in the Salisbury area may feel like we are buried in snow before the day ends.

The Blizzard Warning remains in effect through 7 PM this evening as strong winds, with gusts beyond 40 mph, are likely to cause problems with visibility due to the blowing and drifting of snow.

The station has received about 6 inches of snow overnight. Snow is expected to end from west to east by late morning or early afternoon. Indications are that the heaviest snowfall accumulations should occur between Salisbury and Ocean City. The image above shows highway conditions during the early morning hour on Route 90 into Ocean City.

High temperatures today will not get out of the 20’s and overnight lows may dip to 12 degrees or so. Clearly, travel is not advisable. Here are the latest snowfall expectations by the end of the day.

Sunshine returns for Sunday, but with temperatures just reaching 32 degrees, very little melting of the snow should occur.


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