Weather on the 1st Thanksgiving Day

In the fall of 1863, with America in the midst of a civil war, President Abraham Lincoln declared that an official day of thanks should be set aside for Americans.

It was on November 26, 1863…158 years ago tomorrow, that residents of Plymouth, Massachusetts gathered to commemorate the newly proclaimed observance of an official Thanksgiving Day.

The closest weather station to Plymouth was at Ft. Warren, Massachusetts, where the US Army, stationed there to protect the Boston harbor from the Confederate Navy, recorded a high temperature of 40 degrees on the nation’s first Thanksgiving Day.

The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) has for many years worked to ensure that historical weather records are kept intact for future generations to observe.
It goes to show how every generation takes a keen interest in the weather, knowing full well the bearing it has on the quality of life.

Thanksgiving on Delmarva will feature near normal temperatures. Salisbury’s high temp is expected to reach 57 degrees. Tonight’s low, however, will only drop into the low 40’s under partly cloudy skies.

A cold front will pass through the area overnight bringing with it a chance of showers into tomorrow morning when winds become brisk as Black Friday kicks off. Friday’s high temperature should just reach the mid 40’s. Wind gusts could also reach the 40’s! The only good news is that the precipitation should end near sunrise.

An early peek at the weekend shows that Salisbury should see sunshine on Saturday with temps in the mid 40’s.

Sunday will bring moderating temperatures as we are expected to reach close to 50 degrees under sunny skies.

Any folks who have tickets to the Sunday night football game in Baltimore between the Ravens and Cleveland Browns will want to dress for a chilly evening as game time temperatures will have dropped well into the 30’s.

Looking further beyond this weekend forecasters are predicting that the first 10 days or so of December are likely to bring colder than normal conditions to the lower 48 with multiple opportunities for stormy weather.

For those of you who can’t get enough of a Thanksgiving tradition, and for those who wish to provide a history lesson to the younger generation, I give you the legendary Arlo Guthrie from 1967.


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