Pink Super Moon Follows Day of Sunshine

Today will be sunny with a high temperature near 63 degrees. Tonight brings us a big and beautiful “pink” super moon.

A super moon is a full moon that occurs when the moon is closest to the earth during its elliptical orbit. Tonight’s full moon is the first of three consecutive super moons in 2021. There will be another in May and a third in June.

While not actually pink in color the late April super moon is referred to as a pink super moon since its appearance coincides with the annual pink blooms of phlox.

The presence of clear skies should make for spectacular viewing of the moon this evening. The moon rise is at 7:28 tonight. It will provide the brightest night of the year, until it sets at 6:04 tomorrow morning, and serve as a prelude to the super 80 degree day that we will experience on Tuesday.

Temperatures in the 80’s are expected on Wednesday and Thursday as well.


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