Saluting Scientists Everywhere

After a months long 300 million mile journey NASA’s Mars rover “Perseverance” touched down on the surface of the red planet yesterday afternoon. Just thinking about the magnitude of that accomplishment is mind boggling for me.

This seems like an appropriate time to salute scientific experts in all fields for expanding the knowledge base of humanity and opening doors to other unimaginable feats.

In the past year we have witnessed people who degrade the efforts of epidemiologists when mistakes are made with regard to their important work. Let us not forget that science is all about discovery and learning.  There is no harm in turning a mistake into an opportunity to learn.

With the recent deep freeze in Texas there are those who revel in bashing climatologists who theorize that many weather abnormalities ,in addition to this one, could result from changes in our climate.  This view demonstrates a lack of appreciation for the findings in their decades long work.

For some people it is simply easier to believe what you like rather than take the time to appreciate and understand the works of those who devote their entire lives to their studies.

After all, how could global warming be taking place when there is so much cold air in Texas?  Well…to summarize the theory, the warm air pushes north to the North Pole, melting ice, and displacing the cold air.  Where does the cold air go?  South!  It has to go somewhere.

Secondly, it is called “global” warming and not “regional” warming.  Did you know that Earth’s average temperature has been above normal for the past 433 consecutive months?

So, cold air in Texas does not change the temperature of the Earth.  The United States represents just 2% of the world’s land mass and Texas is just a small portion of the US.  Of course, you won’t hear proud Texans admit to that.  Everything is bigger in …..well, you know how that goes.

An argument over climatology is not what Texans need right now.  They are in despair, needing, heat, water, and food.  It is nice to see the feds chipping in with assistance.

Even over the past few years the Salisbury area has averaged above normal with regard to temperature.  While the month of February currently is averaging colder than normal, the year is averaging above normal.  The last time Salisbury averaged colder than normal was May of 2020.  Every other month has averaged above normal and the average temperature for all of 2020 was 2.9 degrees above normal.

A cold Friday rain, with temps in the upper 30’s, could become mixed with sleet and snow before possibly ending as snow showers.  With some areas on Delmarva flirting with 32 degrees this morning there may be areas that develop a bit of early icing before things warm up.

Saturday should be generally sunny with a high again in the upper 30’s.


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