What happens on the day after a botched forecast?

Clearly yesterday’s forecast calling for wintry weather was botched. The stubborn nature of the warm air was not anticipated. The rain/snow line only briefly reached Salisbury before it rode north to near Seaford overnight.

That is where it remains this morning as the temperature is 34 degrees in Salisbury at 5 AM.

Salisbury received the liquid equivalent of 3 inches of snow, but that is small consolation for forecasters who expected the white stuff.

This morning’s rain should transition to snow this afternoon or early evening. Snow, mixed with sleet, and freezing rain may accumulate an inch or two by tomorrow morning. The biggest concern is that the precipitation is expected to end with some icing.

Ice presents the greatest of all winter weather dangers as it adds weight to power lines and trees. It also creates very hazardous driving conditions. Those conditions are likely to be dealt with through midday Friday.

The very possibility of icing behooves you to keep tabs on the ever changing forecast.


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