Super Sunday Washout with Updates

5:00 AM: Today begins with temperatures in the low 40’s with rain in the area. This time tomorrow morning temps will have dipped into the low 20’s. Not so super, is it?

Temperatures should fall into the upper 30’s by mid morning today with rain continuing. The low pressure system off of our coast is still expected to “blow Up” into some periods of heavy snow, particularly to our west.

The frustrating thing about this storm is that the rain/snow line is expected to end up just slightly to our west. While Cambridge could receive 2 inches of snow areas from Salisbury to Ocean City will see mostly rain.

10:20 AM: The rain became mixed with and changed to snow at the station just prior to 10:30 this morning as the temperature has dipped to 35 degrees. That represents a 7 degree drop since 7 AM.

12:00 PM: Do not rule out a brief heavy burst of snow in Salisbury as this fickle nor’easter moves up the coast. The storm track has wavered back and forth for the last three days indicating that it is likely to do so again.

In any case, our best chance of receiving snow will be on the back end of the storm when the direction of the wind changes. The wrap around moisture will mix with the colder air as we prepare for a bitter cold Monday morning.

1:00 PM: Snow has been falling heavily in areas west of Salisbury over the last hour. It is heavy and wet and has accumulated beyond a half inch as temps have dropped to 33 degrees. The National Weather Service indicates that the rain/snow line may actually push further to the east.

Anything remaining on the ground overnight will certainly freeze and black ice should be a roadway concern on Monday morning.

Mostly sunny skies are forecast for Monday with a high near 39 degrees.

Come back tomorrow morning and I’ll give you my Super Bowl prediction! I’m all predicted out right now.


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