Confessions of a 3 Year Old is 3 years old today with this, my 1180th, post…and I’m still not a millionaire!

I know that from the outset there was no reason for anyone to visit this site unless they wanted a weather forecast. That, of course, was my intention.

As time passed, particularly during periods of predictable and boring weather, it became a challenge to tell people what they most probably already knew.

I admit that there were times when I became bored and found it to be a chore to post weather information each day that people could not get elsewhere. So, I tried to add a human interest element to my weather report by tying in to some trivial piece of information.

For example, I made an early reference to the late Anna Nicole Smith’s birthday, the birthday of Babe Ruth, Ground Hog Day, the Super Bowl, and President’s Day. I often offered up references to baseball, the passing of people who were dear to me, and other items of personal interest.

Before I knew it I was making almost daily references to entertainers, sports, family, birds, flowers, values, travel, food, historical events, and politics. It was if there were perhaps more important things of value other than the weather. I enjoyed researching many topics and learned a lot throughout the process. That, in itself, made it valuable and, as a result, you probably now know more about me than you could possibly care to know.

I have always had a pretty good work ethic and I did not want to start something that I would not maintain. So, here we are almost 1200 posts later. I have not missed a day even when I felt like it. I have posted at all hours, mostly in the early morning, and even from other worldly locations other than Salisbury, MD.

I have learned over 3 years that some people either do not want to hear what I have to say about different subjects or, simply, would just rather get to the weather. I get it!

I hope that my loyal visitors to this blog have noticed that I have long posted the temperature and current forecast at the very top of every page. You can read it and run if you like. If you wish to consume my daily ramblings you are welcome to click on a post’s link.

My thanks go out to the loyalists, both those I know personally and those of whom I have never met. Now…can we just get some snow?

No snow was predicted for today in Salisbury, but the storm from the south has crept northward a few miles bringing us some light snow activity this morning. You can see it in the 5 AM radar from this morning.

This makes two times in a row that this has happened. We might want to keep that in mind, perhaps as some sort of abberation, when tracking our next storm this weekend.

Winds will certainly blow today and tomorrow. Daytime highs for the next several days should not escape the 30’s, and by the time Sunday rolls around we could be looking at a major winter storm. I’ll keep an extra eye on that. You know I have 3!


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  • I have always enjoyed reading your posts first thing in the morning. Thank you for devoting the time to keeping us updated. ❤️

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