Are there any more surprises?

The short answer is that I don’t know. If I could predict it, then it would not be a surprise. It is like me really trying to predict what my fat backyard squirrels will eat next.

That is what happened yesterday. Early in the morning it was nearly certain that rain is all that we would see in the Salisbury area. Just 8 hours later, when it became apparent that the warmer air from the south had slowed down in its push to the north, wintry precipitation became more likely. In fact we did have a brief period of snow and sleet in the early evening hours.

With that in mind, there are no indications that we will receive any more wintry precip in the next few days. There are, however, a couple of times this week when, with a slight change in jet stream flow, I might not be surprised to see a few snowflakes.

While not likely, for example, it is not out of the question that southern areas of Delmarva could pick up a light dusting of snow Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Here is the look of the “official” near miss.

In the meantime, today should remain cloudy with a chance of a shower and tomorrow should be partly cloudy. Each day should see high temperatures near 50 degrees.

By the way, if you see my fat squirrel roaming your neighborhood be sure to hide your small pets and children. He will apparently eat anything.


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