A cool day to celebrate a cool American tradition

The coolest of American traditions, the peaceful transfer of power in our democratic republic, is scheduled to take place at Noon today in our nation’s capital when Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. of Delaware is inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States of America.

For those among us who like trivia, today marks the first of ten consecutive days when the date, 1/20/21, represents a palindrome. That streak will continue through 1/29/21, the tenth day of the Biden administration. We will not see this again for 1000 years.

The weather for today’s historic ceremony will be seasonably cold with gusty winds and temperatures in the low 40’s. Blue skies with a few puffy white clouds will contrast markedly with the fencing that is adorned with razor wire to help local law enforcement and 25,000 National Guard troops maintain order.

Tomorrow’s first full day of the Biden administration will feature mostly sunny skies with a high near 46 degrees.

Our immediate future shows no signs of stormy conditions. Early next week, however, is somewhat questionable. Most weather models are in agreement that we may see our first encounter with wintry precipitation late Monday into Tuesday. It is still too early to place a high degree of confidence in that outcome.

After having not received an overnight presidential pardon for my past forecasting misdeeds I pledge to do a better job from this point forward. Have a great day, America!


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