Don’t let the sun catch you crying

We’re at the midpoint between last week’s insurrection violence and the inauguration of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.

Clearly, Americans are mortified by what took place and what is expected to take place from insurrectionists between now and next Wednesday.

Many in the US Congress want to proceed with impeachment of the current president, while others claim that such an action would stand in the way of unifying the nation.

I will add my small voice to those who support impeachment proceedings because those proceedings will put every single elected Congressman on record as to where they stand.

Marylanders on the Eastern Shore already know where Congressman Andy Harris stands. I believe that every citizen in every corner of the United States is entitled to know where their elected officials stand on the alleged crimes of the president with regard to his oath of office.

Do officials honor oath over party, or not? Let’s find out. Let’s name names!

In any case, don’t let the sun catch you crying today. Temperatures will reach 50 degrees, only to be followed by an even warmer Thursday.

For those too young to catch the reference to being caught crying by the sun I will tell you that Gerry Marsden of the 1960’s group, Gerry and the Pacemakers, passed away last week. Treat yourself to the beautiful ballad here.


One thought on “Don’t let the sun catch you crying

  • I’ve sent an email to Andy Harris telling him to vote for impeachment and to resign. Did you? Perhaps knowing some big money donors won’t contribute to him will help him change his mind.
    We need a true American to represent us.

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