Twenty four and there’s so much more

I generally write my posts one to three days prior to posting. This is one such post that I had intended to post yesterday, January 7, however I became consumed with the DC insurrection and replaced it at the last moment.

Neil Young released his song “Old Man” in 1972 that put into perspective the hopes and dreams of both the young and old. The line “Twenty four and there’s so much more” has always profoundly stuck out in my mind as I age over the years.

Today is the 24th birthday of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, pictured above at age 14.

I know that there are many fans of the Ravens on Delmarva that recognize the important role that this young man will play with regard to their upcoming playoff aspirations. He is 24 and all of his fans are wishing for so much more.

I cannot prove this, but I would venture to say that the political views of fans in our area have little to do with their allegiance to their team, so we can all apparently be thankful for that.

Many of us may find ourselves comparing our futures to those of the young. We still wake up each morning dreaming of what we can become.

Here are the current and future presidents of our nation, pictured in their youth. I’m sure they dreamed about their futures then and still wake up each day dreaming about what is to come.

I wonder if this young man, born on this date in 1935, dreamed of becoming the “King”.  Yes, today is Elvis’ birthday.

We each wake up this morning wondering about what will come of the weather. Our age, our athletic abilities, nor our political affiliation can dim our interest in the weather.

We should have plenty of clouds around today, but plenty of sunshine tomorrow. Each day’s high temperature should reach the low to mid 40’s.


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