Salisbury MD
The end is near! It begins at 11:52:15 PM

Ok…you’re going to have to humor me here, as it oftentimes becomes challenging to write a weather blog entry that is anything but mundane. By the time you get to the end of the post, assuming you do, you’ll know exactly what I’m asking you to do, And do I expect you to do it? […]

And so the ride begins!

Well, we finally got some rain overnight. It measures .38 of an inch as of 5 AM. The long range ECMWF Model, shown in the graphic above, says that we are in for quite a smorgasbord of weather over the next few days. Skies should remain cloudy throughout the day, with areas of patchy fog, […]

Cold West, Warm East

The contrast in weather patterns between the western and eastern portions of the US could not be more pronounced than they are today. The West is unusually snowy and cold while the East is basking in autumn-like warmth. An unbelievable number of high temperature records have been set this month. Saying December 2021 has been […]

Perhaps a metaphor will work

There’s an old adage that proclaims that no one is safe from death and taxes. Others claim that if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it then it didn’t make a sound. We all know Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk, not nearly as impressive or entertaining as Michael Jackson’s, took […]

Clouds pay a visit

Skies are expected to remain cloudy for the next several days. Today will be cooler than recent days with a high temperature near 47 degrees. There is a slight risk of a shower in the afternoon. Many across the Northeast may only receive a brief break in precipitation on Tuesday before the next quick-hitting storm […]

Relax and unwind on this Sunday after Christmas

A Sunday that follows a Christmas Day gives many people a chance to relax and unwind without having to return to work. The weather will certainly cooperate with you and any plans you have for relaxing. Temperatures should climb to near 60 degrees today under brilliant sunshine. Again Delmarva can expect to experience another dry […]

Christmas is a time to wax nostalgic

I’ve always loved Christmas. I bet I’m not alone! For many it is a time to wax nostalgic about memories from days gone by. Of course, memories are personal and different for everybody. When it comes to Christmas weather memories many of us wax nostalgic for the few times we have experienced a white Christmas. […]

What will you do with your 4 extra minutes?

Now that we are more than a full day beyond the arrival of the winter solstice we can all look forward to the days getting longer. In fact, Salisbury will experience a whopping 4 more minutes of daylight than we saw just a day ago. Make sure to put them to good use. Today will […]

Morning clouds followed by afternoon sun

Showers should end early this morning, followed by some cloudiness which will gradually give way to sunshine in the afternoon. Temps should reach the upper 40’s. It will be breezy as well. A weather pattern favoring fast-moving storms and just enough cold air could allow snow to fall before, during and just after Christmas in […]