2020 ends with the president, Loeffler, Perdue, & Graham agreeing with Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden!

Who had that on their 2020 bingo card?

You know that 2020 was weird when the first 4 on the list have spent their entire year calling the last 4 on the list radical socialists. Who’s the socialist now?

That puts Senator Mitch McConnell, the “$600 Man”, in a bind. Somehow I do not feel sorry for him as I would rather he pay the price as opposed to the millions of Americans in need.

Perhaps the news will forebear a great 2021. The weather, however, may not.

Clouds today will bring showers late and we will see them develop into a steady New Year’s Day rain. Temperatures both today and tomorrow should be near 50 degrees.

Despite what the weather brings today, 2020 will end with 7 consecutive warmer than normal months. The year as a whole was 2 full degrees above normal.

Additionally, no matter what today brings, 2020 will end with 6 consecutive months that received above normal precipitation.

All indications are that the two streaks will continue into 2021. January is expected to be warmer than normal in the mid-Atlantic, making for cheaper heating bills and fewer opportunities to play in the snow.

By the 20th of the month, when Joe Biden takes the oath of office as the nation’s 46th president, we should have a better idea about both our nation’s economic future and our future dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is my simplistic plan for America. If people want money and our leaders want us to stay home to improve our health…why not pay people to stay home?

With tongue firmly implanted in cheek I wish you a “Happy New Year”. Thanks for reading my blog!


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