From Sixpence to Sick Pence, Everything’s Cool!

Well, not everything is cool.

Our president finally parked the golf cart long enough to sign a bill offering a sixpence of relief to struggling Americans, while our sick Pence of a vice-president reveled in his role as number two by going on a government paid ski vacation to Vail…accommodations pictured above.

Only the best for the head of the White House coronavirus task force who, after being vaccinated, can continue to flaunt the safety measures proposed by the very group he purportedly leads.

Just so you know, if you’re one of the Americans to receive a $600 stimulus check it will almost cover the cost of a 3 day lift ticket on the Colorado slopes. I don’t know where you will sleep or how you will eat your cake.

Brilliant sunshine will dominate our area today, but temps are expected to dip back to the upper 30’s to perhaps 40 degrees. Skiing will be nonexistent, but if you can’t afford the electric bill for the refrigerator, your cake will keep outside.

Tomorrow should be about 5 degrees warmer as temperatures return to the mid 40’s under partly cloudy skies.


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