Making a list, checking it twice

Christmas, albeit unlike any we can remember, will arrive one week from today. What’s on your list?
Mine includes health and happiness more than anything.

One Christmas miracle for me, I think, would be for the current and incoming presidents of our nation to stand side by side, each being vaccinated against COVID-19, then giving each other an elbow bump, and walking away their separate ways; one to lead and one to retire. The symbolism invoked by such an act would do wonders for Americans who would likely cherish some goodwill and peace on Earth.

I would also like to see a White Christmas on Delmarva. We do not see them often, but when we do they provide the fairy tale celebration that we all dream about.

We are not likely to see one this year either, but 2020 has been such a bizarre year that we certainly would not be surprised. While I never put much credence in long term weather models, most do predict a collision between some cold air and some moisture very near Christmas Day.

Our recent storm saw record breaking accumulations of snow in the Northeast. There were even spots in Western Maryland that picked up a foot of snow

We will deal with partly sunny conditions with temperatures in the low to mid 40’s both today and tomorrow. Sunday will bring a warming trend into the low 50’s with a chance of showers.

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