Coo Coo Coo Coo Coup Fails to End “Ignoration”!

Somebody we all know, and 46.7% of us are told to love, had a bad Friday. He didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize. He wasn’t named Time’s Person of the Year, and he learned that he doesn’t own the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

The President will need to come to terms with the historical significance of his presidency. He was impeached in between two elections in which he failed to win the popular vote even once. He stood by, promoting conspiracy theories and carnival potions as cures for a disease that has killed nearly 300,000 Americans in the past 9 months.

He never finished his wall and never gave us his healthcare plan. He never took responsibility for anything as he daily played the blame game.

All the while the President has incited violence, insulted anybody who disagree with him, and held multiple super spreader rallies. As is par for the course, there will be another MAGA rally in DC today. You might think he was somebody’s crazy uncle. Oh, wait, he is!

The President’s tunnel vision sees only himself and the almighty dollar. It will be a matter of days before the “P” word comes up in conversations about how to end his tenure. No matter how it ends, it will never be honorable in my mind.

The coup is dead, democracy lives, and he has 40 days to find a new home, along with the 40 million other Americans facing eviction under his watch. In a nutshell (with the emphasis on NUT), he’s had COVID-19, is out of work, and will be figuratively homeless soon.

Perhaps he and the 126 Republican Congressman, including our own Andy Harris, that committed sedition in support of this frivolous lawsuit will now turn to Judge Judy for relief. I think she would eat them alive and send them packing back to New California and New Nevada!

Yes, for those unaware…the States of New California and New Nevada, where ever they are, were part of the lawsuit. They were trying to stop the “Ignoration” from taking place. I kid you not. You can read it and weep for yourself.

The more I think about, “ignoration” is becoming my new favorite word.

After some early morning sprinkles and fog the rest of the day should remain dry and partly cloudy with a high temperature in the low 60’s. I’m sure that you know who will drown his sorrows in a round of golf today. If he does, another 500 Americans will die from the coronavirus in the 4 hours or so it takes to tee it up 18 times.

Sunday will bring partly cloudy skies and mid 60’s temperatures. Monday brings the Electoral College and rain. It is going to be a great three days!

I feel so much better now. Please let me know if I left anything out.

The outlook for next week warns of a big snowstorm for the Northeast. Currently it looks as though Delmarva will be receiving a good dousing of rain south of Dover.


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