As I wake up this morning…

It is two weeks until Christmas Day in the United States of America. We seem to disagree on almost everything. Here are a few things that I wish we could all agree upon.

A record breaking 3124 Americans died from COVID-19 on just one day this week. We must do better.

One in six Americans doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. We can help.

40 million Americans are in danger of eviction, millions of businesses are shuttered, and millions of Americans are out of work. The government could help, but it appears that it will not.

Is it even possible to have a merry Christmas this year?

Today’s weather will shield many of America’s problems from view today as abundant sunshine will bathe Delmarva while the thermometer reaches the low 60’s. Saturday will be even warmer, but we will be dealing with clouds and the possibility of early morning showers.


One thought on “As I wake up this morning…

  • And you might add that Andy Harris is part of the 106 who are against democracy and a fair election.


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