Three Men and a Baby!

As the daily pandemic death totals continue to grow it is clear that Americans are really getting tired of dealing with the disruptions to their lives. Being tired of dealing with something, however, doesn’t make it go away.

Many in the science community have struggled tirelessly to develop a safe vaccine for COVID-19. Now, the problem becomes how to distribute it to millions of people and, even more surprisingly, convince them to take it.

Luckily the void in leadership is being filled by others, including three former US presidents, who have agreed to take the vaccine publicly in order to demonstrate its safety. As for the current resident of the White House he has other things to do…or not do, depending upon your perspective.

The 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, will be inaugurated just six short weeks from today. Ironically, today’s high temperature is expected to reach 46 degrees, with morning clouds giving way to a sunny afternoon. It is almost as if Mother Nature is signifying better days ahead.

Thursday should be mostly sunny and warmer as the mercury finally returns to the low 50’s before we actually see 60 degrees again on Friday.


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