More from 1963 plus What lies ahead this week?

Yesterday I chronicled the circumstances surrounding the assassination of JFK on November 22, 1963. In those days, without internet, the news of the day did not appear until the next day, in newspapers. The image above shows the front page of “The Salisbury Times” on the day after, November 23.

57 years later America enters a new work week full of uncertainty. Coronavirus infections are increasing at record rates, while millions of Americans remain unemployed and hungry. We wonder what lies ahead for us.

We also wonder what lies the President and his cronies will tell this week in order to avoid the inevitable.

Weather today will bring the end of showers and thunderstorms this morning, followed by a daytime high temperature in the upper 50’s. It may become rather breezy.

Tuesday should see more sunshine than today with temps in the low 50’s.


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