“Before you accuse me…

…take a look at yourself!” is a song lyric that offers some good advice. Made popular in an Eric Clapton recording, the song was actually written in 1957 by the iconic Bo Diddley.

Similar to one who “casts the first stone” or being the “pot calling the kettle black”, it reminds us to think before we speak. In keeping with that theme I give you this as a subtle reminder from four years ago.

How soon we forget. What goes around, comes around. It would be nice if both sides would simply take a look at themselves and move on with solving America’s problems. The finger pointing would stop if folks pointed at a mirror.

Today’s weather is not a problem that requires anyone’s Sharpie. I know, I know. I should move on, too.

Typical November temps in the upper 50’s are on hand today with plenty of sunshine. Yes, the skies will be blue until tomorrow, when clouds roll in under warmer conditions. There will be a chance of late day showers as winds kick up with the passing of another front.


3 thoughts on ““Before you accuse me…

  • Good morning—If you made a very early Thanksgiving forecast, what would it be? Thinking many of us will be outside….

  • It is way too early to have confidence in Thanksgiving weather. My gut feeling this far out is that temps near 60 may be possible. That, of course, is subject to change.

    • Thanks. I knew we couldn’t have a beautiful day like last Saturday (Yay, Biden and Harris), but I’m staying hopeful for our nation and a temperate Thanksgiving!

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