Spooky Times

The arrival of Halloween ushers in a week that reminds us of spooky times we’ve encountered already this year and the spooky times that we are likely to soon encounter.

In just the next two weeks we will celebrate Halloween, have a full moon, set back our clocks, see Aunt Becky go to prison, experience a super high tide, a presidential election, a big Supreme Court decision, and a Friday the 13th. I almost forgot that the Ravens play the Steelers tomorrow and that McDonald’s is bringing back the McRib. Those are just the events we know about. Certainly, we’ll be treated, if not tricked, into playing a role in some unforeseen surprise.

On top of that we’ll likely get daily reminders of how the entitled come to trivialize the condition of the masses.

Even Laura Ingraham was speechless. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree! And why does Don, Jr. have to emblazon his name on his clothes? We all know who he is! Even worse, we all know what he represents.

Right…1d00 American deaths a day is nothing. The 9/11 tragedy in 2001 had a death toll of 2977 and we were all mortified. Have we become numb to tragedy? We’re now averaging one 9/11 tragedy every 3 days. That means 9 such tragedies between now and Thanksgiving. Will you be one of the 25,000 plus that may die by Thanksgiving?

If that doesn’t spook you maybe this will. All of these Republicans who support the re-election of the president warned us four years ago not to elect him.

The president, despite recorded evidence to suggest otherwise, is still supported by evangelicals.

Our spooky Halloween should be mostly sunny with a high near 54 degrees. When the sun sets temps will dip to about 40 degrees. Sunday should be somewhat milder with a good chance of afternoon rain,


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