Looking Back and Looking Ahead to Winter

Fans of wintry weather may be disappointed in the forecast outlook from the National Weather Service. The NWS is predicting a milder than normal winter for Delmarva with average amounts of precipitation. Currently the forecast calls for a cooler than normal December, only to be followed by the milder conditions in January and February. We’ll see!

Speaking of cool weather, we are awaking to temperatures in the upper 30’s this morning. The last time the thermometer in Salisbury registered in the 30’s was a record breaking 32 degrees that we reached on May 10. We were also in the 30’s on May 9.

Looking back can be an eye opener. Do you remember times like these?

Perhaps, with your help, they will return.

Speaking of returning to better times, the Salisbury area will return to above average temperatures for the entire work week ahead. While today’s temperature will reach about 68 degrees, the rest of the week will feature partly cloudy skies with temperatures returning to the mid to upper 70’s.

That is quite a return. I hope we get a good election return as well in just over 2 weeks.


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