I discovered America!

I hope you did, too!

As school kids we learned that Columbus discovered America in 1492. We even learned the names of his ships. We also learned that a Norse explorer by the name of Leif Erikson landed in North America in 1001, nearly 500 years earlier, but he doesn’t count. I think we all know why.

Explorers given credit for discovering places that were already inhabited always baffled me. Of more importance, I think, is the personal discovery that each of us makes about our land, our people, and our values.

I have been making my own personal discoveries about Americans over my lifetime; from those values instilled by my family to those lessons taught in my schools. I have observed that many different religions are practiced in America and that there are differing political views among us as well.

I have also observed in these troubled times that too often people judge others on their political views, as if total agreement is necessary in order to garner approval.

Why politics? There are so many other things you can learn about people that give you an incite into the type of people they are and whether or not they personify the character of which you approve.

If you really wanted to judge someone in totality would you not also want to know what books they read? What movies they like? What do they like to eat and what is their favorite restaurant? Do they have kids, and, if so, what are their dreams for their future? Do they value an education? What kind of car do they drive? Do they use their turn signals? Do they yield to pedestrians? Are they courteous? I wonder if they are good listeners and if they are open to hearing different views on a myriad of subjects. Do they laugh at you, or with you? Do they practice healthy habits and mock those that do not? Mask or no mask? Red or blue?

There is an infinite list of things that we could judge people on. Maybe we should begin by examining ourselves. You all are probably familiar with religious dogma involving the passing of judgement.

I challenge you to make your own discovery of America. You can start today and pass political judgement three weeks from tomorrow.

Today, as rain continues, will present a great opportunity to ponder. The temperature will be near 70 degrees. Tuesday brings the return of sunshine and 75 degrees.


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