Concerned by the lack of Tweets

October is here and many of the beautiful songbirds that made their homes in my backyard have disappeared. I miss the beautiful goldfinches and the constant banter of activity outside. On a positive note plenty of cardinals and house finches remain.

I am even more concerned by the lack of “Tweets” coming from the President of the United States since the news of his coronavirus health scare broke. The lack of social media activity seems to be largely out of character and one that I find alarming.

If the President is trying to play things down in order for us not to panic then I would proclaim that perhaps just the opposite is occurring.

Late yesterday this tweet did come from Trump…just as I had finished writing what you just read.

It will be interesting to see if the usage of Twitter begins to pick up. I suppose that would be good news in terms of indicating whether the President is making progress.

I do not need to speculate about the weather today or for most of this week. Partly cloudy skies both today and tomorrow will bring with it tempertures near 70 degrees.


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