Not Just Any Saturday

There is a lot going on today. The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes the first woman in US history to lie in state at the Capitol on the same day that President Trump is prepared to nominate her replacement on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court nominee is expected to be a woman.

The news of the past weeks has highlighted the importance of the roles that women play in molding our nation and the lives of its citizens. So, on this last Saturday in September of 2020, when we honor the contributions of the late Justice Ginsburg, I will be honoring my mother, a strong woman in her own right, on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom! I’m sorry to have to give you cloudy skies on your big day with temps in the mid 70’s. I may even throw in a thunderstorm this morning so you can continue your lifelong habit of fighting through each day’s challenges, no matter what they bring. You fight because you know that the sun eventually returns.


Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 12.27.59 PM

One thought on “Not Just Any Saturday

  • Thank you for this post. Strong, kind men are molded by their strong, loving mothers.

    The sun will return, right?

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