It is Greek to me!

The Atlantic hurricane season has been so busy that the National Weather Service has exhausted all of its names in the alphabet.  So, now we resort to the Greek alphabet in order to name new storms that continue to occur.

Winifred, the last name in the 2020 season, has now been followed by Alpha and Beta.  With two months remaining in the hurricane season nobody really knows how far we will go into the Greek alphabet for names.

While many tropical storms are presently in the Atlantic basin we are fortunate that neither of them currently pose a threat to Delmarva. If you can believe it, however, Teddy poses a threat to Maine, of all places.

We will experience a fall like chill this morning that will eventually lead to a partly cloudy and breezy day with a high temperature in the mid 60’s. Sunday should see temps remain steady with a bit more sunshine.


Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 12.27.59 PM

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