Americans can virtually do anything

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Or can we? Schools open today in 30 states; most virtually. We are about to learn if American schools can provide millions of students an education in a nontraditional setting.

Some believe that our nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has splintered Americans into two groups; those that live and breathe by the counsel of President Trump, and those that put their faith in the educated medical professionals. No wonder many people question the opening of schools to promote the value of an education when the views of the educated are being ignored by so many in a position to model appropriate behavior for the masses.

I suppose there will be many children who are tempted to log off from their online lessons today in order to get outside and enjoy the nice late summer weather.

High temperatures should easily reach the mid 80’s today under partly cloudy skies. Wednesday will be a few degrees cooler with thunderstorms likely.


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