Not Just Another Manic Monday

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A lot of restless Americans head back to work today while another large group of Americans wishes they had a job to go to. This last day of August, a Monday, where we can see September and the coming of autumn leaves, gives us a chance to reflect on where we’ve been during the past few months and think about where we’re headed.

Those are heavy thoughts for what appears to be a greatly divided nation as we head out on this Monday.

This is not just any Monday, however, as it is the first of just 10 Mondays before the first Tuesday in November. I do not believe we can all sort it out today. It may take all of the remaining 65 days for some of us to sort things out. Then it will be too late.

You’ll have the opportunity to either begin or continue pondering the issues of our time under increasingly cloudy skies. Today will be more humid as the thermometer tops out in the low 80’s. Showers could develop overnight into the early part of Tuesday.


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