“Watch” means maybe, “Warning” means likely!

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We’re going to get rain; maybe lots of it. That’s a given. Tropical Storm force winds, between 35 and 70 mph, are likely to be experienced in those areas under a “warning”, while those in a “watch” area may get them. Both areas may be susceptible to flooding, downed trees, and power lines. Storm surge is an issue on the coast and conditions will be favorable for isolated tornadoes.

The rain that some of us received this afternoon were not a result of Isaias. Showers and thunderstorms will develop overnight as Isaias makes a probable landfall in the Carolinas.

We can expect heavy rainfall for all of Delmarva with rainfall totals from an inch and a half to perhaps three or four inches or more. The heaviest rains are expected west of Salisbury.

Here is a look at expected rainfall totals by the time the storm exits our area tomorrow afternoon. A slight movement away from the projected path can drastically alter the amount of rain that you may receive. As a general guideline, I would suggest to look for 2 to 4 inches of rain.

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