Calm Before the Storm

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The National Weather Service has placed our area under a Tropical Storm Warning from 10 PM tonight until 10 PM tomorrow night.

Today will be another warm and humid day on Delmarva, however, showers and thunderstorms will likely develop late and lead to a wet and very windy Tuesday as Isaias hugs the east coast.

The Chesapeake Bay area is expected to receive the bulk of the heavy rain.  Currently, forecasters believe that all of us will receive a good inch or two of rain, but areas slightly to our west are threatened with multiple inches of rain.  The biggest concern is likely to be tropical storm force winds and flooding.

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Just the slightest shift in the path of the storm can make the difference in an inch of rain or 5 inches or more.  That implies that people need to follow the track closely as it approaches and then overwhelms our area.


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