Unsettled Days Ahead

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There will be periods of unstable weather ahead over the next few days. Scattered thunderstorms are again possible this afternoon and evening as Delmarva reaches the mid 80’s.

Yesterday’s rainfall kept temperatures from exceeding 76 degrees…much, much cooler than I had predicted. Please accept my 7th apology of the year on making a weather boo boo.

The 1.46 inch rainfall represented the rainiest day of 2020 at my weather station, bringing the monthly total for July to 5.02 inches. The late July wet weather actually made the month of July the first month this year to register above average. July was also 4.6 degrees warmer than normal.

We will want to watch the path of Hurricane Isaias over the next few days. If the current path continues it is likely that our area will experience heavy rainfall and winds by late Tuesday into Wednesday.


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