Pitch and Moan

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Mother Nature continued to bring the high heat yesterday as the temperature in Salisbury reached 96 degrees. There was some nice relief late, however, when our day was saved with about a half an inch of rain. I hope you picked up the subtle baseball reference.

The hot month of July has just 3 days remaining. Much of the east coast has baked in above average temps while Salisbury’s average temperature for the month is 81.6 degrees.

Having reached 90 degrees in Salisbury for 10 of the last 11 days we can expect to see the heat continue for at least 2 more days before a better chance of cooling thunderstorms will occur.

In more baseball news this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci makes the first pitch of the baseball season and the petulant President moans!

And finally in more news of the weather, I will be filling in for Jim Cantore on The Weather Channel on August 15….unless I have to cancel for some reason. Be sure to tune in!


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2 thoughts on “Pitch and Moan

  • ?Filling in for Jim Cantore on August 15..where to watch? WOW.
    Somebody did a rain dance yesterday or maybe it was my own version of IRISH RIVERDANCE that worked. Just Kidding, hooray for some rain!

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