Some like it hot. Some don’t!

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Its true. Some people do like hot weather. Some people don’t.

  • Some people like baseball.  Some don’t.
  • Some people think because the Orioles are in first place after 3 games that they will win the World Series. Some don’t.
  • Some people like tacos.  Some don’t.
  • Some people like your kids.  Some don’t.
  • Some people value an education.  Some don’t.
  • Some people get all of their news from TV.  Some don’t.
  • Some people like to travel.  Some don’t.
  • Some people believe everything they read. Some don’t.
  • Some people go to bed hungry. Some don’t.
  • Some people fear COVID-19.  Some call it a hoax.
  • Some people have a conscience. Some don’t.
  • Some people can think for themselves. Some can’t.
  • Some people are easily indoctrinated. Some are not.
  • Some people like Brett Favre playing golf with Trump in the middle of a pandemic. Some don’t.

  • Some people worship Donald Trump.  Some don’t.

Are you getting the picture?  The greatest thing about America is the free exchange of ideas.  That, more than anything, is why I’d choose not to live anywhere else on planet Earth.

I cannot imagine waking up each morning and not being able to think, feel, and speak freely.  More importantly, I understand that my thoughts and words mean no more or no less than yours.

On top of all of that, can you imagine how boring this world would be if we each thought, dreamed, imagined, and believed the same things?  There would be no need for conversation because there would be no ideas to exchange.

So, as Americans, let’s continue to encourage the free exchange of ideas.  As great as America is, let’s at least consider that there are things that we can collectively do to make it a better version today than it was yesterday,  That starts with a conversation.

So, wear a mask and enjoy today’s hot weather…or don’t!


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