100 Days Seems Like 100 Years

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The famed Baltimore satirist and newspaper columnist at the Baltimore Sun, H.L. Mencken wrote these very words 100 years ago today…July 26, 1920. Quite the prophecy!

Today, July 26, 2020, finds us exactly 100 days away from Election Day on November 3.

I have a long history of loving America and the liberties it guarantees to all of us. I have nothing against Republicans. I have nothing against Democrats. I have nothing against Libertarians. I’ve voted for each of them on at least one occasion in my lifetime. I’ve voted for winners. I’ve voted for losers. I’ve been right. I’ve been wrong. Here is my wish at the end of these 100 days. It can’t come soon enough.

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Expect some warmer weather to return to the Free State area today as temperatures return to the mid 90’s. We can expect the heat to continue into Monday and Tuesday. In fact, we could approach 100 degrees.


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2 thoughts on “100 Days Seems Like 100 Years

  • I think this blog writer is so very talented. How about turning off the politics towards some topics we can says this is a great country America.

  • Thanks, blog writer, for focusing on what is important—treating minorities justly, listening to scientists, caring for others….

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