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Maybe it is time for Americans to take the hint. We’re not welcome to travel outside the country. We can’t go to Europe. We can’t go to the Bahamas. We can’t even go to Mexico or Canada. Why? Well, we can’t control the COVID-19 pandemic within our own borders.

Things are so bad, that Canada wouldn’t make an exception to their travel ban in order for their own Toronto Blue Jays to begin the shortened Major League Baseball season later this week. They deemed the travel of teams from the US to Toronto to not be in the best interests of their citizens.  Thus, the Blue Jays will look for an alternate stadium in which to play somewhere in the US.

The boys of summer, however, will begin to play the MLB season this week, albeit a shortened 60 game season.  One thing is for sure.  They will be playing in summer weather.

Our current streak of 90 degree weather has reached 4 days.  Yesterday’s high temperature of 99 degrees at 3:45 PM was the warmest day of 2020.  Today is likely to reach the 90’s again today, but it will probably be a tad cooler than yesterday.  You may not notice the difference.

The chances for a thunderstorm will increase over the next couple of days, but a cool down is not to be looked for before Friday.





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