Welcome to June

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Most of us will be glad to leave the month of May behind.  It was a strange month, even in terms of the weather.  We averaged 1.5 degrees below normal for the month of May, the first time in many months that we have done so.  Everything else about our lives seemed to be out of whack.  Let’s hope that June brings us a return to normal.

The official Atlantic hurricane season begins today, even though we have already experienced two tropical systems already.  The outlook for tropical activity gives us reason for concern.  The last thing that America needs right now is a devastating tropical storm or hurricane.

The COVID-19 death toll continues to mount as violence, combined with peaceful displays of protest regarding police brutality against minorities, appears all over America.  The next few days are perilous and difficult to predict.  America could use some leadership!

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The weather for today is pretty easy to predict.  Things should look like yesterday with low humidity and highs in the low to mid 70’s.

Tuesday should also be pretty nice, albeit a bit cloudy.  The first short heat wave of the season should arrive on Wednesday.

In the meantime, we can only guess what our president will do.  I don’t think a Sharpie will help.





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