Cloudy Milestone

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May 27, 2020 will be another cloudy day on Delmarva as the afternoon high temperature reaches the upper 70’s, however, years from now it will historically be remembered as the day the American COVID-19 death toll reached 100,000 people.

This grim milestone was reached in less than 75 days from the time a National Emergency was declared by the President of the United States in March.  Reviews are mixed with regard to the progress the US is making in attempting to stem the tide.

While it is true that the United States leads the world in total deaths from COVID-19 we should be fair in indicating that several western democracies with smaller populations do have higher per capita death tolls.

European nations seem to indicate much higher rates of infection that, were perhaps, ignored as factors that led to transmission in America.  Belgium leads all of Europe with 806 deaths per million.  Early hot spots like Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, and France have death rates per million that are considerably higher than in the US as well.

China is averaging 3 deaths per million and South Korea is averaging 5 per million.

Perhaps the study of the data gives an indication that travel from Europe to the US was the root cause of our outbreak. If we continue to follow the data we will want to keep a future eye on what happens in Brazil as they head into their winter. Let us hope that we are prepared for any future outbreaks that may occur in the good old USA in several months.

We’ll just be preparing for cloudy weather with a high temperature around 80 degrees both today and tomorrow. There will be a slight chance of showers tomorrow and a better chance on Thursday.


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