Mad May Continues

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Despite highs reaching the mid to upper 60’s today under mixed clouds and a little bit of sunshine, the colder than normal mad month of May continues.  And what a mad month it is.  I’m sure that close to half of you hate this picture, but the rest of you can laugh at it. Everybody hates everybody! That’s what we do these days!

A typical high temperature for mid May on Delmarva is in the low 70’s.  Thus far, for the month, the Salisbury area is averaging about 5 degrees below normal. That makes us all mad!

We will slowly see temperatures creep up towards normal by the weekend, but rain may appear as well.  Don’t look for above average temperatures until next week.  In the meantime you can stay inside and amuse yourself with the myriad of conspiracy theories that come our way each day. Does this make you mad?

How about this one?

Or these others?

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh! I hope that I need not remind you that only two of these are actually true.


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