Are we numbed by numbers?

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Over the past three days and into tomorrow we will have likely seen daytime high temperatures go from 45 degrees to 55, to 65, and then to 75 degrees.  If you’re like me you see a story being told by those numbers.  Things are dramatically warming up!

Would we have been told the same story if the numbers had increased daily in smaller increments?  Quite possibly we may have just become numb to the change.

I ask this because I wonder if Americans are becoming numb or perhaps even uncaring about the increase in the daily death toll from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Let’s face it.  55,000 American fatalities is a lot.  215,000 worldwide deaths is a lot, too!  Luckily for me, personally, not one of them is a member of my family, nor are any of them people I know.  Does that make it more tragic, or less tragic?  Hey, there may even be those among us who find it not tragic at all.

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Clearly, we are flattening the curve worldwide. We have apparently reached our peak in terms of daily deaths and some of us, I think, are becoming numb to the fact that many of us seem to be comfortable with JUST 5000 deaths per day.

I’m simply throwing this out here today to see if anyone else is wrestling with the same sort of interpretation that I’m making.  After all, we are talking about NUMBers, aren’t we?

Today will be warmer with a high temperature near 75 degrees.  The wind will kick up overnight and into Thursday bringing us thunderstorms with locally heavy downpours, particularly in the afternoon. How do you like those NUMBers?

Let me make one more reference to NUMBers. This post is my 899th. Clearly it can’t possibly have the value that tomorrow’s post will bring. After all, the next one will be 900. That’ a much prettier NUMBer to digest, isn’t it?



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