Say what you mean. Mean what you say!

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Do I seriously believe that President Trump would advocate injecting a disinfectant into the body to rid one of COVID-19? I do not.

I think everyone is entitled to think out loud about certain things, the President included, however, he had all day to meet with his Coronavirus Task Force to implement an agenda and discuss what they intended to present to the American people.

He blew it! Good judgement was not a priority. Speculating aloud about things during an international epidemic in front of millions of impressionable citizens is irresponsible and to put it bluntly, rather dumb! All of his speculation and questions should have been addressed with his team prior to going prime time. To put Dr. Birx on edge with his rambling thoughts was disrespectful.

Seriously!  Nobody should be hearing this, especially from the President of the United States of America in 2020!.  This is an absolutely irresponsible act and Americans deserve better from their leader.

Of course, when you are President of the United States of America, the nation that I love, you should not be adverse to what pops up on Twitter. After all, one of the popular online memes suggests that “In the White House, the mighty White House, the liar tweets tonight!”

Here is a sampling of thoughts from Americans.

For those of us still alive, we can enjoy mostly sunny skies with a high temperature reaching the mid 60’s. Enjoy the sunshine, but avoid the bleach. Tomorrow will be warmer, with a high temp in the low 70’s and a good chance of a thunderstorm.



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