Gotta Make Your Own Fun!

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Today is going to be sunny and pleasantly cool with a high temperature in the upper 50’s.  Other than taking a nice walk while practicing social distancing many of us are tasked with making our own fun.  What’s fun for one, however, may not be fun for all!

This is fun for me!  Yesterday morning I hauled a load of limbs away from a downed tree in my trusty 2005 pickup truck.  When I pulled into the landfill I noticed that my odometer read “111111”.

Always one to notice beauty in all forms I immediately had to take a picture of the reading since the beauty in the number was that it was a palindrome.

For the uninitiated a palindrome reads the same both forwards and backwards.  That means that all of this beauty will disappear after I drive one more mile.  I mean “111112” just doesn’t have the same appeal, does it?

So, I began to wonder if my odometer will ever again read as a palindrome.  Of course, if my truck lasts long enough, the odometer can read the obvious palindromes, like “222222” and “333333”, but what would the next occurrence of a palindrome look like after “111111”?  And, is there any noticeable pattern that occurs, that will allow me to predict the other palindromes that will follow in sequence?

That’s what I’ll be doing in order to keep my mind sharp.  You’re welcome to join me!  Just look for patterns.







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