Fools rush in…

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...where angels fear to tread!

The Bookful Blockhead, ignorantly read,
With Loads of Learned Lumber in his Head,
With his own Tongue still edifies his Ears,
And always List’ning to Himself appears.    Alexander Pope, 1711

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, April is here, and yes, so is the coronavirus! I could have sworn someone told us it would be gone by April. What a cruel April Fools prank!

Does the following sound like anybody we know?

“To teach vain wits a science little known,
T’ admire superior sense, and doubt their own!”—Alexander Pope
Why,  yes, I can think of someone, but we’re not all perfect.

“To Err is humane; to Forgive, Divine.” — Alexander Pope

Of course, being able to forgive is a virtue that I will attempt to practice. This Alexander Pope guy offered lots of great advice and was the bearer of abundant wisdom.

For those among us who are tired of being fooled and do not wish to read the 18th century poetry of Alexander Pope I give you The Who, from the 20th century!

The message is pretty much the same. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”

I will make one more reference to Alexander Pope. Known as a satirist through his writings he abhorred the decline of societal norms, finding them tasteless along with the decline of art and culture. He referred to people with those traits as the “duncery’ and inferred that a leader with an inferior vision perceives disagreement with others to be a sign that our society is not unified. Do you know anybody like that?  I do.

I think America is much more unified then some people believe. I propose that we have a big Unity Rally on this April Fools Day. Meet me downtown on Division Street!

“The Sound must seem an Eccho to the Sense”—Alexander Pope, again!

“I get on my knees and pray, we don’t get fooled again!”===The Who, 1971

Rather than all of that, I could just have said that today and tomorrow will bring mixed sun and clouds with temperatures in the mid 50’s and that tomorrow will be windy, but , hey…today is April Fool’s Day!

I leave it to you to determine whether or not you have just wasted valuable time in reading this blurb, or whether you think I’m an idiot for writing it.

I must admit that I sometimes play the role of “idiot” on the internet, but I am not a COVIDIOT!  I hope you are not, as well.  Stay healthy on this first day of April.



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