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Hey, it is TGIF!  Actually all of the days are running together for me.  It sure doesn’t feel like a typical Friday.  Here are some facts to ponder as we head into the last day of the work week.

  • President Trump’s approval ratings are at an all time high.
  • President Trump says that we should be open for business by Easter.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci says that “we don’t choose the timeline, the virus chooses the timeline.”
  • 3.28 million Americans applied for jobless benefits this week.
  • The United States now is the world’s epicenter for COVID-19 outbreaks.
  • The spread of this virus is exponential.  Car crashes are not.
  • Your check is not yet in the mail because the stimulus package has not yet passed in the House of Representatives.
  • Many governors of US states claim that the federal government is not doing enough to help.  President Trump says that the states need to do more.
  • Marylanders will have their kids at home for another month.
  • The true hair color of American adults is slowly being revealed.

Here is the scariest fact for me.  Six days ago I explained how, if the COVID-19 pandemic continued to grow at its current rate, the number of new cases today would be close to 52,000.  The graphic at the top of the page shows that the number of new cases yesterday topped 60,000.  Guess what?  The growth rate did not remain the same.  It has accelerated.  I find that alarming because there is currently no end in sight.

Here is a link to that post explaining exponential growth:

After a record breaking 84 degrees, let’s talk about 72!

We have come to expect that good weather around here rarely occurs two days in a row.  While yesterday was sunny and pleasant, today is expected to be cloudy and warmer with a slight chance of showers.  We may reach 70 degrees with a bit of luck.

A cool rain returns for Saturday with highs in the mid 50’s.


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