We all want to know what to expect

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We’re getting mixed signals.  One day we’re at 80 degrees and the next day drops to 55.  One day is sunny and the next day it rains.  We’re told to practice social distancing by people who do not.  Can we get some consistency here?

Meanwhile, new cases of the coronavirus are increasing daily at an alarming rate. New cases per day are doubling every 5 days!

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Americans are looking for their comfort zones right about now as life, as they have known it, has changed in what was previously an unperceived way.  One day we’re told to stay at home, and the next day the President of the United States suggests that perhaps we should get back to work.

The professional voice of reason in the government’s battle against COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci, delivers the facts in a straight forward and believable manner.  His lifetime of service through the terms of six presidents has demonstrated his commitment to the good health of all Americans.  His professionalism serves as a shining light for others to model.

Dr. Fauci clearly stated that chloroquine, the anitmalarial medication, has not been clinically proven for treatment of the coronavirus, only to be contradicted by the President.  Now, there are at least 4 deaths worldwide, including one in Arizona, caused by people self medicating with that unapproved drug.  Sad!

I expect today will begin with some peaks of sunshine and end on a cloudy note. Rain should develop again overnight into tomorrow. Today’s high should be about 60 degrees while tomorrow should be about 10 degrees colder.

Don’t ask me what to expect from our President today. I’m not the stable genius!



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