Were you ready for the arrival of your rainy day?

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Today is literally a rainy day.  We expect to pick up around an inch of rain today with temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s.

Figuratively, though, today is really a rainy day for which many of us were unprepared.  Be honest.  How many of you ever in your life foresaw the day that the United States of America would come to a virtual lock down?

For sure there are a few of us who may not be surprised, but there are countless others among us, the vast majority I believe, who feel like they are now playing a role in some science fiction movie.  We are out of work and out of school.  We have bills to pay and kids to educate.  We have no cinema, no theater, no bowling alleys, no sit-down restaurants, no vacations, and, if we’re not vigilant, not enough hospital beds.

Did I mention that many are now without paychecks, too?  Many Americans, so I’ve read, do not have as much as $400 to handle any emergency, let along one created by a pandemic.  So, no, as a nation we were not prepared for this.

We are in the process of learning right now that when the government has no rainy day fund it will do what ordinary Americans do when they find themselves needing a rainy day fund and do not have one.  Borrow as much as you can in order to get by and meet your obligations.  And then, of course, we will not save for the next rainy day.  When it arrives we’ll just rinse and repeat!

Tomorrow will not be a rainy day.  We can expect mostly sunny skies with a few passing clouds and temps in the low 60’s.  It will be a nice day to take a walk all by yourself and enjoy the weather.  The next rainy day won’t arrive until……Wednesday, when you can plan on having some more rainy day fun!


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